SNA Schematic

Main ScreenSome things to note about the HFLS software package:

  • This is 1993 software; I’ll be upgrading it in the next few weeks
  • If you have problems downloading or installing, contact me.
  • When you start the program, click the check-box that says “Demo”; the flashing green indicator simulates the update rate.
  • There are 4 dotted “display lines” on the screen: horizontal/vertical red and horizontal/vertical white. As you pass the mouse over a vertical display line, the mouse cursor will change to a cross. Click in that state and the selected cursor and it’s companion will slide up and down over the trace as you move the mouse. Click again to release the display line. There are readouts for each display line as well as for the delta frequency/amplitude between lines.
  • As you move the mouse across the screen, there is an on-screen “spot marker” readout that shows frequency & level.
  • Clicking on the meter icon will open a meter panel. This was intended for for measuring the system’s variable voltage outputs as well as for a voltage/RF measurement probe which could be connected to the front panel. This functionality will probably be removed from the new SNA hardware & software design.
  • There are several icons for setting up screen & readout colors and for printing the trace. You can also save the data file of an on-screen trace for later viewing on-screen.
  • There is a ‘normalize’ function which compensates for non-flatness in the RF output level as well as variations in the detector gain over frequency.
  • Clicking on the Calculator icon might result in a crash; I’ll be working on that.

After I get the new hardware working with the existing software, I’ll go back and clean up.


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