LTSpice Models

  • SA612 Model This is my original work, but some files might have gotten lost over the years. Installation instructions are included in the zip file.
  • Rebuilt – This is a re-build done by Mike Wilson (KI6LIA) who graciously also supplied to me with this note:
    I added a line in your .asc file that has .subckt <filename> etc.   This makes it a subcircuit that can be used/called.
    I added a line at the end that is .ends stating end of subcircuit.
    I then saved the file as a .sub file.
    Now you can put the symbol in the sym folder and the subcircuit in the sub folder.   The symbol is available in components and it calls up the proper subcircuit and all works great.   
    Attached are the symbol and the subcircuit files I modified.
    Thanks for the work on the getting the circuit modeled.   They seem to work great.



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