Setting up the GCBasic PIC/AVR Development Dnvironment

To set up your IDE (Integrated Development Environment), you’ll need to download and install GCBasic from this link. Next, download the latest GCBasic update from this link and extract the contents into your GCBasic folder. Finally, you’ll need to download and install Crimson Editor. You can find that at this link.

If you want your Crimson/GCBasic IDE to behave exactly the way I describe in these examples, select the Crimson Editor menu items “Tools/Preferences/User Tools” and verify that your setup looks like mine in this  screen capture:

In order to make Crimson Editor understand GCBasic syntax and color-code/highlight your keywords, it’s necessary to download this file and extract two files into the “spec” folder in your Crimson Editor folder. Detailed directions about this step and configuring Crimson Editor for GCBasic can be found at this link to the GCBasic web site. Follow the instructions under the section “Installing an IDE”.


Lastly, download and install XLoader Arduino Uploader from this link.Xloader Uploader

Your universal PIC/AVR development environment is now installed. Proceed to the section on this site titled “Programming Arduino with GCBasic


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