Embedding the Arduino Nano Inside the X1M

This will be a multi-part article. I’ll continue to add to this page as new information is available.

Over the last weekend, I got about an hour to begin this endeavor. The concept is to replace the original rear panel with a new panel made out of .062″ copper-clad PCB material, using the old panel as a cut/drill guide. The Nano board is then affixed to this new rear panel by soldering it and some support structures to the copper surface of the new rear panel. The following pictures show the process:










View of the inside of the X1M with the rear panel removed. There’s just enough space above the DB9, to the left of the speaker magnet and to the right of the shielded inductors to slip a Nano in – just barely.










This view shows the new rear panel that was cut out from a piece of copper clad board, using the original panel as a guide. The hole for the Nano’s USB connector is in, but slightly in the wrong place, as will be evident from the next pictures.









View of the Nano mounted to the new rear panel. To support it, I cut some support rails from thin ‘hobby tin’, soldered them to the sides of the Nano, and then soldered the whole assembly to the copper rear panel.








The new rear panel with internal Nano board affixed to the X1M. Notice that I had to modify the opening for the USB connector so everything fits properly inside the radio. After testing whether the introduction of the Nano causes any problems (shorts, noise, etc), I plan to scan the old panel, print it onto a piece of glossy photo paper, coat it with acrylic lacquer, and overlay the new panel.

This is as far as I got before family and home maintenance obligations got the better of me. I hope to have some preliminary testing results by this weekend (today is Jun 9).



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