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Shut down with test equipment problems

4 Oct

My silence recently hasn’t been due to lack of interest. For the last 3 weeks or so, my bench has been filled by the innards of my Tektronix 495p spectrum analyzer. A short in one of the PCB cards took down the power supply. In the process of troubleshooting it, I damaged one of the other cards and had to buy a new one. The unit is now alive again,  but I’m working out a few kinks that might have been there since I purchased it about 5 years ago. I really love this instrument. I considered buying one of the new Rigol units, but the 30 year old 495P outperforms it in every respect except cool display functions.

I also got involved with a high priority project at work which has consumed much of my time. I hope to be reporting on a tested and working Raduino Pill in the next few weeks. I’ll clean up the PCB design, buy/test some more prototypes, and then release the design files for public use.


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