Some Progress on Raduino Pill

23 Aug

I was off this project for a long time while I attended to some business matters. I got some time the past couple days to get back to it.

The voltage regulators are running, the LCD is connected and the Si5351 circuitry is soldered but not tested. I spent quite a while trying to figure out why I couldn’t get the LCD working with a simple “Hello World” sketch, only to finally discover that a tiny 1/32″ long piece of PCB trace between a via and an LCD connector pin was missing. I probably knocked it off when I was soldering the LCD connector…it’s only 6 mils thick, so very fragile. I’ll fix it later today and I expect the display to fire right up.

Next step will be either the encoder or the Si5351 – I haven’t decided yet. Hopefully I’ll make steady, if slow, progress from this point. Once the 3 main subsystems are working, I’ll try to convert stock uBitX firmware to run on the new platform. After that, I’ll start working on migrating the upgrades I had on the original Nano version over to the new Blue Pill processor.



Update: 8/24:

There were actually 2 problems. The broken trace I mentioned and a mislabeled port on the schematic. The first was fixed with a wire; the second was easily fixed with an assignment change in the sketch.

Seems to work now.  Next step, get the encoder working.

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