uBITX Taking Shape

18 Mar

I got a chance to do some work on the uBITX build over the weekend. I made a transition board out of perf-board. It makes the electrical interface and mechanical transition between the Raduino board and the TFT color touch-screen. You can see it below in the upper left corner  between the Raduino module and the control panel.

Also, I started to mount everything, including the speaker, into the cabinet. Yet to be mounted are the 3600 mA/hr Li-Ion battery pack I purchased and a buck-boost regulator board that will supply the radio with a solid 13V even when the battery runs down to 8V or 9V. A 3-position front panel rotary switch will select power modes OFF, ON from the battery or ON with external power-pack assist.  I pasted a black & white overlay to the front panel to get an idea what the final rig will look like.

I’ve been listening to 40M the whole day. The radio tunes very smoothly, and the tuning pointer on the slide-rule display gives a nice perspective for where you are in the band. However, the tuning rate of the 400 ppr encoder is too touchy for fine tuning and too slow for fast across-band excursions. I think I’m going to implement a default 1 hZ step-size  with acceleration to 10 hZ and 100 hZ as you spin the knob faster.

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