Trace Calibrate & Print Preview Features

30 Mar

I got these functions going again today. They’ve always been in there but I had them turned off while converting the more important code features. Basically, “Calibrate” is a menu item that let’s you specify a trace slope and trace offset so you can calibrate the screen display to your particular log detector.


The “Print Preview” feature copies the trace display into a print window with all the instrument setup parameters listed below, as well as an area where the user can type comments. When you press the “Print” button, the display goes out to the default system printer. There’s also a “Save Picture” button that saves the trace display window as a color .bmp file.


I’m almost ready to release alpha test versions of the software and firmware to the download site. Only thing holding this up is a hardware issue where RF is either radiating or conducting from the DDS module’s clock into the log detector, preventing it from going down below about -40 dBm.


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