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I’ll be quiet for a while…

16 Jan

I’ll be out of town for a couple weeks and will continue where I left off (crystals & filters) when I return.

I also want to begin  discussion of a related project I did long ago and now want to resurrect: A USB-based HF Scalar Network Analyzer (sweep set) for analyzing filters and other frequency dependent circuits. All the hardware and software has been working and available to reproduce for 10 years now. Cost to build should be in the $25 range. I think I’m finally ready to develop a PCB for it and share.

Stay tuned…


New Tutorial: Crystal Filter Design

14 Jan

I started to write a tutorial on crystal filter design and testing. The first installment, on crystal theory, is now available. I haven’t decided yet where in the menu structure it belongs, so for now I tucked in under “Resources”. You an express to it by clicking here:

Numerous Additions & Edits throughout the Site

13 Jan

I added some menu items and a chat forum. There are numerous additions and edits throughout the site, as there will continue to be until things mature a bit here.


Added a Forum

12 Jan

I added a forum for discussions about any and all topics related to this site. It’s brand new, so I’m sure there will be birthing issues…let me know. You can get to it by clicking here.

Added content to the BSS-1 Transceiver Project

11 Jan

Go to it here

Update: Added new content to the BSS project section

3 Jan
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